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Conference Leading with LOVE Souvenir Ad Journal

2020 was a difficult year…  

2021 brings new promise and an opportunity to showcase our love!  

This year’s 80th Southwestern Region Conference Souvenir Ad Journal presents the occasion to spread the love by celebrating and recognizing our Chapters, Sorors, and Affiliates.  


Interested parties can submit ¼ page, ½ page, or full-page ads for an affordable price.  Your ads will be an opportunity to do such things as - tell a Soror how much you appreciate her work, recognize your Cultured Pearls, celebrate your chapter successes, show appreciation for your Affiliates, or even recognize your Life Members!  

To submit an ad, please complete the form below.

SWR Ad Journal.png

PLEASE NOTE:  This year ONLY, we are making the journal affordable for all to place ads; from individuals to chapters to businesses.  Therefore, we are offering a 50% discount.  Please see our *2021 Leading with LOVE Souvenir Ad Journal rates in the table below.

Souvenir Ad Journal Rates.JPG
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