• The 2016-2018 Southwestern Region Executive Board is comprised of 9 Elected Officers, 8 Appointed Officers, any International Officer in the Region and Honorary Members - living Past Syntakti.

    21st Southwestern Syntaktes LaShonda M. Johnson syntaktes@sigmaswregion.com 
    Undergraduate Chapter Coordinator Miranda Moore ucc@sigmaswregion.com 
    Youth Services Coordinator Britney A. Bell ysc@sigmaswregion.com
    Grammateus Audrey Anderson  grammateus@sigmaswregion.com
    Tamiochus  Quiana Sawyer tamiochus@sigmaswregion.com
    Anti-Grammateus  Shaundria Woodard anti.grammateus@sigmaswregion.com
    Epistoleus  LaTisha Brandon epistoleus@sigmaswregion.com
    National Education Fund Trustee  Dr. Patricia H. Hiller philler4@gmail.com
    Parliamentarian  Lori Mosby  parliamentarian@sigmaswregion.com
    Rhoer Coordinator LaRona Snowden  rhoer.coordinator@sigmaswregion.com 
    Philo Coordinator Barbara Foreman philo.coordinator@sigmaswregion.com 
    National Projects Coordinator Dr. Alice Cryer-Sumler SWR.Programs@gmail.com 
    Chaplain Elouise Colbert  
    Sergeant-At-Arms   SWR.Sergeantatarms@gmail.com
    Music Directress    
    Legal Advisor Glenda Clausell Elliott, Esq southwestlegal@sgrho1922.org


    Honorary Members - Past Syntakti


    8th Southwestern Region Syntaktes                   Quindonell Robertson 

    14th Southwestern Region Syntaktes                 Janice Walker

    15th Southwestern Region Syntaktes                 Janet Armand

    16th Southwestern Region Syntaktes                 Dr. Faith E. Foreman

    17th Southwestern Region Syntaktes                 Dr. Patricia H. Hiller

    19th Southwestern Region Syntaktes                Brenda J. Canty

                        20th Southwestern Region Syntaktes               Henry Etta O'Neal 


                      International Officers in the Southwestern Region

    International Rhoer Coordinator 

       Robin Birt            rhoercoord@sgrho1922.org                         

                    International First Grand Anti-Basileus          Rasheeda Liberty